You wouldn’t ever think that having extra food for your snails can be a problem, right? Although algae, being snail food, is important to have in an aquarium, having too much of it in the pond will start depriving your snails of oxygen. It is only wise that you clean your fish tank, at least weekly, or bi-weekly with an animal-friendly herbicide to keep oxygen and food balanced in the aquarium. So, which herbicides are safe to use in a pond? Can you use Algaefix on snails?

You can use Algaefix on snails. It is an EPA-registered product that is easy to use, fast, and effective in killing a broad spectrum of algae including resistant kinds of algae such as pigmented flagellates and diatoms. It’s also safe and does not harm any live snails, fish, or plants in freshwater aquariums or salty water reefs. 

In this article, you will learn reasons why Algaefix is the best cure for algae in your pond, the kinds of chemicals that are harmful to snails, and how fast Algaefix works when introduced to the fish pond. 

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Benefits of Using Algaefix on Snails

From research, snails are the perfect control for algae in ponds, being that algae are their main source of food. Even so, you really can’t expect them to completely control every inch of algae. I mean, even the large kinds of snails, like the Japanese Trapdoor snails can only fit so much algae into their bodies. 

By the way, snails can’t control some types of algae, like the single-cell algae, because they are too small to chew on. For that reason, every once or two weeks, you will need to bring in herbicides, to completely clean out the overgrown algae in the tank. I recommend Algaefix. It is 100% snail-friendly. So, here are the benefits of using Algaefix in a pond with snails ;

1)Algaefix Keeps Aquariums and Ponds Clean and Safe for Fish and Snails

You cannot sorely depend on snails to completely eradicate overgrown algae. This is why Algaefix is important. Algaefix will eliminate every kind of algae, including string algae, blanket weed, hair string, green water algae, and other resistant kinds of algae. It’s really the go-to herbicide when dealing with even the extreme kinds of algae.

While using Algaefix, you can also combine it with a pond zyme sludge destroyer to control fish waste build-up, break down grass, and digest leaf clippings. By this, you reduce the amount of maintenance you will need to do for your tank each month. If you would like to know how to safely acclimate your snails, this article will help.

2) Algaefix Does Not Colour the Water

Unlike most herbicides, Algaefix does not contain copper sulphate or any other metallic properties that corrode, stain, and eat away the fish pond walls. So, do not worry about having to change pond water every time you clean the aquarium with Algaefix.

Pro- Tip : Do not use Algaefix if your pond contains any other fish like crabs, shrimp, or lobsters intended for human consumption. Although these chemicals are harmless to snails, they can be life-threatening if ingested by human beings.

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3) Algaefix Will Not Harm Your Snails or Other Aquatic Animals

Unlike Tetra algae control, Algaefix is safe for aquatic animals. If you use it as intended, that is 1 teaspoon for every 50 gallons of water (use a bucket to distribute the Algaefix in the pond after you dilute it) you can be sure that your snails, fish, and aquatic plants remain safe in the pond even after treatment. The ingredients it’s made from are absolutely safe. They don’t contain properties like copper and other metals that can harm your snails. 

4) Algaefix Works Quickly to Control Algae Growth

Algaefix is fast-working and effective in cleaning your pond. A teaspoon of Algaefix is enough to clean an entire 50 gallons of water. And in most cases, you will only need to use it after 1-2 weeks, depending on how fast the algae outgrows the necessary amount.    

5) Algaefix is Easy to Use

Algaefix is not rocket science when it comes to the procedures of handling it. Here is how you use Algaefix on your pond;

  • Add 1 teaspoon(5ml) to about 50 gallons of aquarium water
  • Repeat the process once every three days until you completely eliminate the algae.
  • Clean out the dead algae deposits from the tank.
  • Repeat the process weekly or biweekly depending on the algae growth.     

Can I use Algaefix in Freshwater?

Algaefix is safe for freshwater use. It controls the overgrowth of algae in freshwater and helps reduce the amount of work you put in during the general maintenance of your tank. Ideally, treating your tank twice a month is good enough to keep your tank healthy, if you already have snails to help with regulating algae. 

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Is Algaefix Safe for Amphibians?

Algaefix is safe for Amphibians. Your turtles and any other kinds of amphibians or reptiles can stay in the aquarium during treatment. However, do not use algae with freshwater crustaceans, like shrimp and lobster, as the chemical can be harmful to humans. 

Can I Use Algaefix With Live Plants?

Algaefix is recommended for a tank with live fish and live plants as it does not harm them.  The ingredients used to manufacture algae fixes do not pose any threat to your plants. Relax, you don’t need to worry about your plants.

What Poison Kills Snails?

Metaldehyde is a pesticide that can kill off snails if they come in contact with it( Source). it’s therefore wise to keep Metaldehyde away from anything that your snail can eat. Also, ensure you thoroughly wash any fruits and vegetables before feeding them to your snails, in case they contain Metaldehyde. 

How Quickly Does Algaefix Work?

Algaefix works within the second round of treating your water tank. You will start to see noticeable change as the algae begins to die. For ideal results, you should treat your pond after every three days until you are content with the results. 

Final Thoughts

Algaefix is a proven method used to kill and treat algae in aquariums and ponds. It’s safe for all aquatic life, that is snails, fish, and aquatic plants. It does not contain any metallic properties that can harm your snails. but if any of the fish is for human consumption, stay clear of Algaefix as it can be harmful to humans.  


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